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Technology Selection

In today’s fast-paced climate of technology innovation, successfully selecting the best fitting technology to suit your organization’s unique requirements and business objectives can be more complicated than ever. Many vendors make promises about functionality and performance; however, then fail to deliver when the product arrives on-site. Determining which technology will provide the best long-term value and meet the requirements of the organization needs deep technical expertise. Choosing technology solutions that will best meet the requirements of an organization often means selecting products from a variety of vendors, and successfully integrating different technology platforms and components can be a make-or-break issue.

Decision Studio

Software producing organizations face the challenge of including new technology in their products, such as cloud technologies and database management systems. As software architects and senior developers are not experts in this domain, they need to consult external experts or acquire the knowledge themselves. Software production, therefore, is a suitable domain to deploy decision support systems, that intelligently support these decision-makers in selecting the desirable technology for their product. We designed and implemented a Decision Support System (DSS) that supports decision-makers in choosing the most suitable software technologies. The DSS is a tool that can be used over the full life-cycle and can co-evolve its advice based on evolving requirements. Decision-makers specify the domain feature requirements based on MoSCoW prioritization technique.

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